PARKing and 9 Day Countdown to Barracks Row Fall Festival


PARKing on the Row
Green movement sweeps into Capitol Hill

PARKing is a spontaneous outcropping of parks in the least likely places- like city streets.
It began recently in San Francisco and was here a day for us to enjoy on Capitol Hill.

Today pedestrians discovered a well designed new green space directly in front of Pineapple and Pearls- right in the street-between
parked cars. The organizers from L.A.B. - Landscape Architecture Bureau- 714 7th St, SE,were at the park until 4PM today.Meanwhile, take-out diners from near-by cafes enjoyed eating lunch curbside on a green table and chairs.

9 Day Countdown to Barracks Row Fall Festival9/24
Butterflies, Escape Artist, Silent Drill Platoon, Roller Girls
Weather forecast looks amazing

The Trapeze School's flying artists may have some competition at Fall Festival this year.  Two Barracks Row businesses, Taoti Creative, 530 8th St, SE, (website design) and The Skill Zone are hosting Bubbles and Butterflies. There will be two butterfly releases for kids during the festival at (approximately) 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. in front of 709 8th St, SE- soon to be home to The Skill Zone- a play & learn space for pre scoolers.

After the 1:30 butterfly release watch as Escape Artist, Max Major, releases himself! 

Max will challenge the crowd to tie him up - if he can't escape in 2 minutes he loses and we win! Here he is being tied up tight by a Marine and his girlfriend last year. Max escaped - barely. Shows are at 2:30 and 3:45PM on center stage at 8th and G St.

The Silent Drill Platoon will be performing at 8th and G Street at 3PM. Suddenly the crowd is quiet and all eyes are on the equally quiet SDP as they perform synchronized drills without a spoken word
among them.

And, among the scheduled acts you get a chance to create a moment of your own. Here's one for your followers: The Roller Girls will be back with their $1.00 arm wrestling challenge. Can you beat them?

Best of all the weather forecast is stunning: Sunny and warm all day long!

Watch for the full schedule of events posted next week on